Token Utility
Our token is a central part of our ecosystem. It has a number of uses for both users and partners. Watch the video above to gain an understanding.


2gether access is prioritised to our token holders. They enjoy more advantages and access all platform services free of charge. All that is needed is a single token. The rewards users receive is proportional to the amount of tokens that they possess.

Put your data to work for you

Put your data to work for you

Customers that connect their banks can access the control panel, benefit from the financial insights, and decide what data to share and with whom. Sharing the data enables personalised offers tailored to their financial situation. The user receives tokens in exchange for access to their bank account.

Hire and save

Hire and save

When a client enrols in a product or service, in the 2gether marketplace, they will receive a percentage of the provider’s commission directly to their wallet in the form of 2GT tokens.

Contribute to the community

Contribute to the community

Contributing to the community in the form of product reviews, referrals to 2gether, proposing new features, helping other users, or collaborating on the platform code will result in a reward of 2GT tokens.



Governance enables larger token holders to vote regarding the prioritisation of features, the establishment of policies, and the future direction of 2gether.

Buy, sell and exchange

Buy, sell and exchange

The 2GT token is an ERC20 token. It is possible to hold them, use them to buy assets on the platform, exchange them for other tokens or FIAT currencies.

Access to Informational Core

Access to informational core

Through fees paid in 2GT tokens, companies can access data from consenting users to feed both 2gether and proprietary algorithms. This allows partners to customise quotes to display to users in the marketplace and, additionally, analyse customer groups and identify their needs in order to launch products or services.



When a client enrols in a product, 2gether launches digital identity certification infrastructure to digitally sign contracts in the app thus legally guaranteeing the operation. The certification fee is paid in 2GT.

Directly Contact Users

Directly contact users

Companies can launch specific product offerings, through our FLAP assistant, to users who have authorised this feature. The fee to send such offers is in 2GT.

Data Aggregation

Data aggregation

Use our financial algorithms or program your own algorithms to utilise 2gether's data to produce quotations or customise products

Asset Tokenisation

Asset tokenization

Use our platform to tokenise and distribute the assets you own, embedding your tokens with business rules and intelligence via smart contracts

Create New Products

Create new products

Companies and Providers can use our technology to create new products that are of interest to the 2gether community. Receive suggestions and feedback directly from the users

Token Sale Timeline
Our token sale has been split into the three parts below. Register on our newsletter to find out more information.
  1. 45%

    Min. Investment: €100,000

    Accredited Investors

    Private Sale
    (NOW OPEN)
  2. Presale
    (MID 2018)
  3. ICO
Token Allocation
We have opted to allocate our tokens as you see below. They are a key part of the ecosystem and we want to encourage widespread usage.
Token Allocation Chart
  • 50% - TGE (pre-sale + ICO)
  • 20% - Community & Bounties
  • 20% - Team & Early Contributors & Advisors
  • 10% - Reserved

Token details:

Token symbol: 2GT
Token type: ERC20
Total supply: TBC
Price: 0.05 €
Unsold tokens will be destroyed.
Allocation of Funds
We have chosen to allocate funds as you see below. We want to support the long term viability of this project while encouraging widespread coverage of the product.
Allocation of Funds Chart
  • 38% - Tech Costs
  • 31% - Employee Costs
  • 19% - Marketing
  • 6% - SG & A
  • 6% - Customer Support
Pre Sale Bonus Structure
We utilise a bonus based system for investors who invest with us in our pre-TGE. This is on a sliding scale that adjusts relative to the amount that has been already invested.
Presale Bonus Chart
Bounty Program
Join our Bounty Program and earn free 2GT!

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