2gether's Initial Virtual Financial Asset Offering (IVFAO) is aimed at investors who wish to help in the development of the 2gether platform. Once the 2.4 billion 2GT are issued, no more 2GT tokens will be created. The token offering will be conducted over a period of two sessions.

Individual Investors

Minimum investment:

€10 (200 2GT)

Maximum investment:

5000€ capped to 500 investors

3500€ capped to 1000 investors

1000€ capped to 2000 investors

How to Invest

EU Citizens

If you are a Citizen of the European Union, you will be able to download the 2gether app on Dec 1st, sign up and immediately buy tokens within the app using your debit/credit card. If you want to invest before December please fill in this form.

Accepted currencies

Euros, Bitcoins and Ethers.

Non EU Citizens

Please, email us at ir@2gether.global

Accredited investors

Accredited investors or funds interested in acquiring 2GT are being dealt with by KPMG Corporate Finance and Deal Advisory services. Please contact us at ir@2gether.global

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