The 2gether community is made up of users who own 2GTs, the native currency of the platform. The 2GT allows the user to participate in governance and grants privileges within the 2gether platform.

The 2GT token is an ERC20 token currently working to be issued in Malta as a Virtual Financial Asset. This provides security to the members of the community by utilizing the regulatory framework of the first country that has approved legislation referring to ICOs in the European Union.

If you want to know more about the attributes, distribution, operation, total emission and other details, you will find these details in our upcoming 2GT Whitepaper.

To become part of the 2gether community and be given access to use the offered banking services, you will need to hold a minimum 200 2GTs (€10 worth).

If you want to join the 2gether community and be part of the mutual we are building, sign up for our Beta.

2GT Virtual Finance Asset

The 2GT VFA public offering will be as follows.

A. Limited and unique issuance

There will be a single issuance of 2.4 billion 2GT tokens. No more tokens will ever be issued.

The price per token will be €0.05.

B. Limited offering

2gether will allocate a maximum of 400 million 2GT (€20M) during the public sale stage. We have opted for this amount in order to stay aligned with our business model projections during 2019 and 2020 and reach the next stage of our business development.

The 2GT distribution is as follows:

400M for the first tranche of public sale

400M for the second tranche of public sale*

100M to Partners

300M to Community

400M to Team & Advisors

800M as reserve to guarantee liquidity and financial future operations.

* 2gether plans to hold a second token sale in 2020, raising between €20M to €30M. Nevertheless, the details on the token price and amount of tokens issued will be set a few weeks before the sale

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