Who we are

2gether is using the latest technologies and promoting collaboration among users and innovators to build the most fair, global and competitive financial ecosystem in the world.


Salvador Casquero Salvador Casquero
Salvador Casquero

Salvador has over 25 years of experience in the banking sector. His career has spanned a number of banks including JPMorgan London, BBVA, La Caixa and Banco Sabadell. He has held roles in FX trading and as Electronic Business Director. He holds an Industrial Engineering degree from La Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI). Salvador has been researching and building concepts on blockchain since 2010.

His areas of responsibility include: the technology platform, blockchain developments, the API marketplace, compliance and innovation.

Salvador Carrillo Salvador Carrillo
Salvador Carrillo

Salvador has 20 years of experience in digital business. He is founder of Mobile Dreams, a Spanish leader mobile consultancy firm and  venture builder. He is investor and co-founder at mediaSmart, a leading adtech European mobile programmatic company; GELT a cashback wallet for FMCG brands and supermarkets; and Moviplans (an e/m-commerce solution sold to DIA Group in 2015). He is also private investor at wasabijobs. Since 2014, Salvador is part of Endeavor’s entrepreneurs network.

Areas of responsibility in 2gether includes: customer experience, finance and business development (sales and partnerships) and strategy.

Luis Estrada Luis Estrada
Luis Estrada
Founding Partner

Luis is CEO and Co-Founder at three international companies: BI Geek, a Business intelligence and BIG Data consulting firm; Mirai Advisory, a boutique consulting firm for ALM and Structural Risk (Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Risk); and Tadaima, a UI/UX studio design. This group of companies currently operate in the USA, Spain, Mexico and Chile with over 80 employees around the globe. He has over 15 years of experience leading IT consulting projects in Tier 1 financial institutions.

Luis is a graduate in Computer Engineering from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI).

Areas of responsibility in 2gether include: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Functional Analysis, and Platform Development.


Ramón Ferraz Ramón Ferraz
Ramón Ferraz

Ramón has over 15 years of experience in strategy consulting for financial institutions, and funding and managing start-ups of different sectors.

During his last years as a consultant, he has been involved in several projects in the payments, open banking and digital banking spaces, and has worked with 2gether since 2017, eventually becoming 2gether’s CEO

Víctor Dertiano Víctor Dertiano
Víctor Dertiano

Victor has more than 10 years of experience in information systems and business intelligence projects. He has worked in tier 1 and tier 2 financial entities organizing, managing, and implementing the information systems within the financial sector.

He is an expert in the design of business intelligence and big data architecture. His experience encompasses the design and development of all components of said architecture including reporting systems and modules of data extraction, transformation and load. He specializes in project planning and team coordination.

He is a Senior Manager at BI Geek. He currently coordinates the development of the 2gether platform.

Alejandro Tobar Alejandro Tobar
Alejandro Tobar

Alejandro has 15 years of financial management experience. He is an Engineer with MBA degree and founder of Mentoria Consultores a Spanish financial services firm. He is Member of the Board of Directors of Media Smart, an adtech European mobile programmatic company and Duplex Elevación a leading Spanish lift company.

He works at 2gether in the finance department.

Strategy, Product & Marketing

Rory Semple Rory Semple
Rory Semple
Head of Marketing

Rory is a marketing professional with experience building brands in the Fintech space. Having lived in the USA, UK, Peru, India and currently in Spain, he has an entrepreneurial mindset and an honest approach to clients and business development.

Rory is experienced with, and holds certifications in, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Inbound Marketing. He is knowledgeable about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Big Data, AI and NLP. Rory holds an MA Politics (Hons) from the University of Edinburgh and a Masters in Management from IE Business School.

Esther Cáceres Esther Cáceres
Esther Cáceres
Financial Data Scientist

Esther is a Senior Consultant at Mirai Advisory with expertise in financial markets with an emphasis on risk management. She has multiple years of work experience, from Asset and Liability Management (ALM) Consulting to Structured Financial Product Valuation. These experiences have led her to become a acquire a deep insight of finance and alternative modeling techniques: non-maturity deposit behavior, prepayments, default risk, Monte Carlo simulation and more.

She is working at 2gether defining and developing the credit scoring and the forecasting models.

Carlos Vázquez Muñoz Carlos Vázquez Muñoz
Carlos Vázquez Muñoz
Business Analyst

Carlos is a Business Analyst currently studying a dual degree in Business and International Relations at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE).

He has experience working in the consulting division of KPMG and has gained a broad understanding of the financial sector.

His main tasks at 2gether include conducting research about its marketplace and defining their business model.

BlockChain / Big Data

Cyril Álvarez Cyril Álvarez
Cyril Álvarez
Blockchain Developer

Cyril has over 7 years experience in the Financial Industry working for hedge funds, private banks and brokerage firms, as a Sales/Execution Trader Cyril has covered major european institutional investors in London and Geneva. He also possesses a solid foundation in programming languages, including: JavaScript, MEAN stack and Solidity. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Blockchain Developer (CBD), Solidity Developer (CSD) & Smart Contract Developer (CSCD) with a broad knowledge of Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoeconomics.

He currently works on blockchain development and deployment at 2gether.

Dariusz Glowinski Dariusz Glowinski
Dariusz Glowinski
Blockchain Developer

Dariusz is an IT professional with extensive experience architecting and developing systems for Banks, Insurance and Telecommunication companies. He has significant experience leading development teams to completion. He is well versed in mobile and web technologies. He has recently become fascinated with the unique application and development of Blockchain Technology.

Dariusz holds MSc in Computer Science from Gdansk Technical University.

Francisco Guerrero Francisco Guerrero
Francisco Guerrero
Big Data Developer

Francisco is a technical computer engineer who holds a Masters Degree in Big Data and Analytics. He has more than six years of professional experience in Business Intelligence and Big Data projects in the banking sector, with knowledge of Spark, Scala, Hadoop, SQL & NoSQL Data Bases, and ETL tools.

He is currently a Supervisor at BI Geek. He is working at 2gether as a developer of the information system with big data technology.

Alberto Vázquez Alberto Vázquez
Alberto Vázquez
Big Data Developer

Alberto is an expert in business intelligence and big data solutions. He is specialised in building customized interactive reports and dashboards using the most relevant reporting tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, and QlikView.

He is experienced in modeling and querying database(s) with technologies like Erwin, SQL-Server or Oracle 12g and big data technologies such as Cassandra, Spark and others. His career revolves around the design and development of customized solutions for regulatory compliance and management in the banking field.

He is a Senior Consultant at BI Geek and is working fulltime at 2gether developing the reporting module.

Pablo Jimenez Pablo Jimenez
Pablo Jimenez
Big Data Developer

Pablo is a Big Data Developer and passionate about the intricacies of Data Science.

He began his career in Big Data with an emphasis on the Financial Services sector. He's well versed in the support, maintenance and production of applications with Spark, Scala, Python and Shell Script.

He holds a Bachelors in Civil and Mining Engineering from the University of Córdoba, and a Masters in Business Administration from Pablo de Olavide University in Seville.

Adrian Fernandez Adrian Fernandez
Adrián Fernández
Big Data Analyst

Adrián has several years of experience in Consulting and Project Management. He has also co-founded Siete60, a business intelligence consultancy group. He relishes the discover of new knowledge gained in a practical manner by learning and working in several fields. His current emphasis is Big Data technology and its application in the financial sector. He is experienced across Tableau, Spark, Scala, Cassandra, and Redshift.

He holds both a Bachelor in Computer Science and Networks and a Master in Big Data from U-tad University.

FrontEnd / UX-UI

Alvaro Estrada Alvaro Estrada
Alvaro Estrada
UI/UX Design Director

Alvaro has over 15 years of digital design experience. He has worked for a number of high profile clients including Nike, Red Bull, Condé Nast and Vodafone. After spending a significant portion of time as both a digital designer and an art director for various advertising agencies, he joined Mobile Dreams Factory where he leads the company’s design team. After five years he joined The Cocktail to work as a Senior UI/UX designer.

In April of 2016 he opened Tadaima, a digital design and development studio, where he leads 2gether’s product design.

Leandro Hernandez Leandro Hernandez
Leandro Hernández
Senior iOS Developer

Leandro is a passionate informatic engineer that has over ten years of experience in the technology industry.

He is an iOS developer and has solid foundational knowledge in the programming languages Swift and Objective C. He has contributed to, and lead, numerous FrontEnd projects utilising the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js). Recently, he has been involved in developing solutions for Fintech companies and startups, leading some innovative projects for mobile payments and iOS mobile apps.

He is a Senior iOS Developer, working full-time at 2gether.

Leandro Hernandez Leandro Hernandez
Javier Álvarez Vaquero
Senior Android Developer

Javier is an Android developer with multiple years of work experience. He has been involved in several projects with Kotlin, Java, .Net, and Angular. He has experience working with start ups in several projects with companies like Real Madrid, Club America de Mexico, the Spanish public administration and more.

He is a Senior Android Developer, passionate about the design and UX, working full-time at 2gether

Mario Garcia Mario Garcia
Mario García
UX/UI Designer

Mario has several years of experience in UX/UI, Graphic Design, composition and conceptualization of digital products with an emphasis on user ease of use.

He has broad experience across several industries including advertising, financial and entrepreneurial sectors working with clients like IE University, Burger King, Mutua Madrileña, Banco Santander, Gas Natural Fenosa, Massimo Dutty, Iberia, RTVE and more. He successfully manages and coordinates graphic design projects from concept through completion.

His passions lie in clean and understandable design, pixel perfection and innovative thinking.


Rafael Ríos Rafael Ríos
Rafael Ríos
Head of Blockchain/Backend

Rafael is a software architect passionate about the impact of technology. He has blended both professional working environments with start ups in order to gain a wide breadth of experience. This has allowed him to observe both ongoing large projects and projects that have started from the very beginning. Due to this wide experience he is capable in microservice architecture, service oriented architecture, distributed architecture, and infrastructure management.

He is a Manager at BI Geek. He currently works in the design, development and implementation of the blockchain and backend architecture at 2gether. He is enthusiastic about emerging technologies and solving complex problems with the latest solutions. He is currently completing the Certified Ethereum Developer course.

Javi Sánchez Javi Sánchez
Javi Sánchez
Backend Developer

Javi is a professional backend developer with more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector. He has developed his career primarily through the management, design and development of backend applications oriented around web environments. He has worked for both major companies and startups. Most of his projects have been focused on the design of Java architectures under the Spring framework. He has additionally completed projects in other technologies (.NET, Python, Ruby on Rails, Symphony, etc ...).

He is a Supervisor at BI Geek, working fulltime at 2gether.

Álvaro Martín Martín Álvaro Martín Martín
Álvaro Martín Martín
Senior Consultant II

Álvaro Martín Martín is a Java developer. He enjoys the learning process and is always curious to learn more. He values teamwork, trying to contribute and help as much as possible, creating the best possible work environment.

His hobbies, when his young son permits him, are: reading, watching TV and movies, football and basketball.

He studied Computer Engineering in the ETSI of the UAM in 2005, and has developed his career through two companies (Wincor-Nixdorf and Drago) within which he has developed multiple projects before joining the team of BI Geek.

He has worked with Spring, Hibernate, JSF, RabbitMQ, WSO2 ESB and Maven, among other languages and libraries.

Diego Fernández Diego Fernández
Diego Fernández
Backend Developer

Diego is a software developer specialised in development utilising cutting edge technologies such as the Spring Framework, Hibernate, Web Services, SQL/NoSQL databases like Oracle 12g and MongoDB. In addition, he has and can utilise other libraries to improve efficiency where necessary.

He has experience enhancing the development process utilising tools such as Git, to manage project versions, and Maven for project management and libraries. He is knowledgeable regarding both banking and financial products.

He is a Senior Consultant at BI Geek, working fulltime at 2gether.

Carlos Martin Carlos Martin
Carlos Martin
Backend Developer

Carlos Martín is a software developer with a specialisation in backend engineering. He is passionate about the promises of new technology and constantly striving to learn new skills. He actively works with Maven, Spring framework, Hibernate, jsf and a variety of databases.

He holds certifications from CES Juan Pablo II and IES Antonio de Nebrija.

Edgard Zelaya Edgar Zelaya
Edgard Zelaya
System Architect

Edgard is a System Architect with more than 9 years of experience in IT, Consulting and Fintech sectors.

He is responsible for the cloud system infrastructure at 2gether and has a deep level of engagement in areas such as cloud computing, containers, and automation.

Edgard Holds a Masters in Computer Networking and Telecommunication from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Jaime Hernández Ortiz Jaime Hernández Ortiz
Jaime Hernández Ortiz
Senior Consultant

Jaime is a JAVA developer with multiple years of work experience. He has worked as Senior Consultant in projects within the Spanish public administration. He is currently a developer at 2gether implementing microservices utilizing technologies such as Spring Boot, Kubernetes and others.

Jaime is a Senior Consultant at BI Geek, working fulltime at 2gether

Other Partners / Advisors

Antonio García-Urgelés Antonio García-Urgelés
Antonio García-Urgelés
Founding Partner

Antonio is a founding partner and advisor of several technology companies. Antonio helps to build sustainable mobile-first businesses. He is an investor in several companies and advisor in VC.

Antonio help building sustainable mobile-first businesses, he is investor in several companies and advisor in VC.

Adolfo Ibarra Adolfo Ibarra
Adolfo Ibarra
Founding Partner

Adolfo has over 30 years of experience in the technology sector with an emphasis on the software industry within which he has blended his passion for innovation and strategic thinking to develop successful business strategies.

He has deep business knowledge gained in different management positions in companies of all sizes ranging from IPSA, a spanish software startup he founded in the 1980s, the worldwide enterprise software leader SAP.

Areas of responsibility in 2gether includes: Strategy, Business Development.

Rogelio Segovia Rogelio Segovia
Rogelio Segovia

Rogelio is an expert in community currencies with two primary areas of interest: science and technology and societal issues. He has been prominent and active in both fields. He has held positions in the Government Information Society initiatives on societal issues, notably eLearning, as well as eHealth, eInclusion and Online Music. He was involved for over 15 years at the European Commission and was active in policy making, planning and the research programme implementation.

He has delivered numerous presentations in congresses and conventions, has published a number of articles, reports, and books. The includes several that have been marketing related. He has managed and completed dozens of Research Technology Development and Innovation projects. He has a number of capabilities surrounding teamwork, resource and strategic management. He has coordinated 22 Ministries of Education in IST policies at the EUN project.

He is a valuable asset at 2gether due to his indepth knowledge of cryptoworld, its theoretical workings on monetary reform, and social coins. He has developed various prototypes on the ethereum blockchain.


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